wavemaster MOODY BT – Hardware Max Review


wavemaster MOODY BT – great review & award from “hardware max”

“Honestly speaking, MOODY BT is not a complete new release. Only the table control unit has been re-designed so that it can now stream audio signals via Bluetooth. The actual speakers are identical to the non Bluetooth version that has been available for some time. The speaker system scores with a solid sound experience, a great three dimensionality and a lot of dynamic. Both the powerful bass and crisp, silky heights can convince. We only discovered some slight weaknesses in the mid-tone area.

The control unit offers the opportunity to adjust the volume and power on/standby function and it even provides an amplified headphone jack as well as a dedicated and additional line-input for weaker mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In addition, devices can now be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.”

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