25 Jan 2016
23 Dec 2015

GURU3D – Wavemaster CUBE mini review


“This kit sounds as good, likely even better opposed to any 400 EURO SONOS product. And remember, at just over 100 EURO the CUBE mini is available.”

22 Dec 2015
22 Dec 2015
19 Dec 2015
16 Dec 2015

Still not sure which is the right speaker system for Christmas?

Checkout this expert review on Tom’s Hardware (German)



11 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015
24 Nov 2015

OC3D – Wavemaster Two BT Powered Speaker Review Bluetooth

Looking for some sexy looking speakers with a built in amp and Bluetooth streaming.

Take a look at the Wavemaster Two BT

23 Nov 2015

wavemaster Launches New CUBE MINI 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System


Looking for a small and powerful 2.0 speaker system that looks nice and connects to any stereo source?

Something that integrates nicely in any living environment?

Check out our new wavemaster CUBE MINI